University Of South Australia Scholarship 2020

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

UniSAS is one of the most prestigious scholarship for international students.Every year many students are benefitted to it.This year is also no exception.Here we offer a details for this opportunity.

Scholarship Field : Master’s and Ph.D including all academic fileds.

Duration : The maximum duration will not more than three years.

Financial Coverage : This scholarship covers most of the cost of international students with full funded scholarship.Education is free under this scheme.However, $420 for Master’s and $840 for Doctoral as living allowance is distributed monthly.

There also some other benefits including thesis allowance, Recreation leave , Health care.

Eligibility : student must be a first class Hon's or equivalent. He or she must be enrolled on a Master’s degree by a Researcher or on a Ph.D at the UniSA.

Deadline : 31st August 2020.

Apply here :

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